The backbone of Social Media is the relationships that it helps to create and build, and nothing can strengthen a relationship like conversation, which is why apps that allow us to communicate with each other through text, voice, and video will always be around. Even in a world that is obsessed with taking selfies and sharing them with the entire world, the personal conversation is still the most meaningful connection that social media can offer. Though many older users may not agree, texting allows users to communicate complex thoughts and ideas that dramatically impact the relationship between two people. Though words are often shortened to acronyms and the use of the emoji is on the rise, the content of that conversation is still important, and that means that sharing pictures and videos can never replace act of talking to another person.

While the text conversation does allow us to communicate effectively, sometimes we look for a solution that might be a little faster or maybe even a little more personal. That is when we turn to the voice or video conversation.  Obviously the phone allows us to have voice conversations, but there also many apps that give this same functionality, which is great for families who don’t have cell service but do have access to Wireless Internet. Taking it one step further, video chat and calling is one of the most popular forms of communication right now, with apps like Skype and Facetime allowing users to talk to each other, face to face in real time, from anywhere all over the world. Now families can communicate with relatives that live in different places, students can learn remotely, and users can meet and introduce themselves to people without the risk of meeting those individuals in real life. While there can still be risk involved in this form of communication, it is definitely a step in the right direction in a world where meeting people online is becoming more commonplace.


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